Thank you to everybody who contributed in making the Danish Fly Festival 2019 a success.
The large numbers of visitors from near and far, together with expiators’, fly tyers, presenters, fly casters, admin at network sessions and all the helpers created the atmosphere for a really good festival.

The proceeds which Federation of Fly Fishers Denmark generates are all channelled into aquatic environment projects and supporting fly fishing. At the Danish Fly Festival all the tickets at the raffle was sold out! It is great that so many fly fishers support us in our effort to contribute to fly fishing and the aquatic environment.

PS. If you have an aquatic project, please contact us. We would like to have our money “working” for the environment.

See you again in two years.

Festival greetings,
Jerk Sönnichsen

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Danish Fly Festival, PULZION, KFUM-Hallerne, Peder Tofts Vej 21, 6000 Koldin