Danish Fly Festival April 11-12, 2015

Danish Fly Festival 2013 was with FFFD's eyes again a resounding success.
Lots of members and visitors came both days.
Thanks to all visitors, thanks to all the helpers, thank you to all the exhibitors and, not least, a huge thank you to our sponsors.
And welcome to almost 200 new members, so we now have more than 1,200 members.
Thanks for an amazing weekend.
And now we are working hard with Danish Fly Festival 2015.

Enjoy a cascade of experiences.

Look forward to meeting new and old fly tiers on binde√łen or by exhibitors.
Look forward to seeing the equilibristic fly throwers demonstrate their skills.
Look forward to seeing and trying a lot of stuff.
Look forward to supporting our raffle where proceeds go to environmental work.
Look forward to meeting a lot of happy FFFD'ere who use their spare time to give you an experience.
We look forward to seeing you April 11-12, 2015

Danish Fly Festival 11. - 12. april 2015 webmaster(@)fffd.dk